~As My World Turns~

My Name is Menesha im 28 yrs old
and im A Fabulous Sagittarius but a long way from being a normal women my past is haunting me but my future is Calling for me im fighting my emotions soul and heart all at the same time who will win who knows? BUT its REALLY IS all me the battle of one self WHICH IS never WON.. NO 1 SAID THIS LIFE WOULD BE EASY so im takeing each day at a time...CUZ "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get....you just no to be prepared for anything..
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Anonymous asked: Woman. One man. Multiple men. One WOman. Multiple WOmen. Get your shit together


get out my message box what you can do ty and good bye

Anonymous asked: Amiyah Scott is a woman and proud so shut thefuck up with your "good man" bullshit


First off I wasn’t judgeing her in anyway I was saying what was fact you just petty as hell to come at me like that fact is she was born a man and she transition her self to a women I admire her bravery to be her self not once I said anything negative so get off my clit ty yiu dismissed

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